Prof. Popova appears at the First International Expert Forum on Ukraine (ForUA) at Universität Hamburg

December 20th, 2023

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"The International Expert Forum on Ukraine (ForUA) seeks to foster an academic and policy-oriented dialogue on the intricacies of Ukraine’s potential accession to the European Union. Bringing together leading scholars, policy experts, and decision-makers from both the EU—with an emphasis on German expertise—and Ukraine, the event aspires to generate concrete scientific insights and policy recommendations."

Prof. Popova appeared on the third and final panel discussion of the conference, entitled "Beyond The Horizon: Ukraine's Road Towards Post-War Recovery and Development", where she stressed, among other points, the importance of using measurable, "objective indicators" over mere perceptions when assessing levels of corruption in Ukraine. Popova notes that this semantic shift would provide Ukraine with legitimacy against its detractors, and as such, garner more support for the country's wish of seeking accession to the European Union.

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