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Last updated January 16th, 2024.

January 4th, 24 Heures, Gabriel Ouimet, Antov Defenestration
January 4th, Al-Jazeera, Mansur Mirovalev, Why did Ukraine give up weapons in 1990s
January 5th, (Spain), Aaron Nelson, Will Belarus enter the war
January 6th, Newsweek, Nick Mordowanec, Religious aspect of Russia’s war
January 6th, Lydia Tomkiw, FT and free lance, Decolonization
January 10th, Alexis Orsini, Agence France Press, Income declarations by politicians in Ukraine
January 10th, Andrew Stanton, Newsweek, Doctors call for Navalny to be held in better conditions
January 11th, El Confidencial, Spain, Soledar?
January 12th, Newsweek, Nick Mordowanec, Soledar/Bakhmut, Wagner vs. Russian Army
January 13th, CNA Singapore TV, Soledar
January 13th, TRT World, Soledar
January 16th, CBC Radio (10 interviews), Russian attack on Dnipro
January 16th, La Presse, Melanie Marquis, Should Canada expel some Ru diplomats?
January 18th, The Current, CBC, Joana Draghici, Russian soldiers defecting?
January 21th, Global BC, Why is Germany not sending the tanks?
January 24th, SiriusXM, Canada Talks with Matt Gurney, Are we sending tanks?
January 25th, CTV Your Morning, Are tanks going to Ukraine and what abt corruption?
January 25th, La Presse, Putin vs Zelensky explainer
January 26th, Newsweek, Nick Mordowanec, Vuhledar
January 27th, CTV Your Morning, Will there be escalation?
January 27th, Newsweek, Nick Mordowanec, Trump helping Russian nuclear sabre rattling?
January 27th, CBC Kids, Roots of Russia’s war
January 30th, La Presse, Ivo Dimchev, LGBTI in Bulgaria
February 1st, Time Magazine, Tara Law, Ukraine in the EU
February 1st, Coda Story, Colleen Wood, Art protests in Russia
February 6th, Nick Mordowanec, Newsweek,
February 8th, Micah Reddy, Al Jazeera
February 9th, Tour de Table podcast
February 14th, Journal de Montreal, Dominique Scali, A year later
February 20th, Le Devoir, Sebastien Tanguay, Russia and the fence-sitters and allies
February 22nd, Nick Mordowanec, Newsweek, Prigozhin vs MoD
February 25th, TRT World, 10th round of EU sanctions
March 7th, La Presse, Belarus dissidents convictions
March 8th, Al Jazeera, Mansur Mirovalev, Is Ru committing genocide in Ukraine?
March 13th, Time, Why do Ukrainians not like Navalny?
March 17th, Newsweek, Pu indictment by ICC
March 20th, Marc Thibodeau, La Presse, Xi’s visit to Moscow
March 23th, Newsweek, AFU breakthrough in Bakhmut?
March 29th, Politico, The future of Ukraine in the EU
April 4th, Le Devoir, Repression in Russia
May 3rd, Toronto Star, Drone hits Kremlin
May 13th, Global News, Zelensky in the Vatican
May 15th, CJOB Winnipeg, When will the war end
May 28th, Global News, Attack on Kyiv
May 29th, Zoomer Radio, Attack on Kyiv
June 1st, Senate AEFA testimony
June 5th, TRT, Counteroffensive
June 6th, CBC Radio (5 interview), counteroffensive
June 9th, La Presse, has the counteroffensive started?
June 10th, CBC News, Trudeau visit to Kyiv
June 15th, Zoomer Radio, Canada seizes Russian cargo ship
June 23rd, CBC News, Is Prigozhin starting a coup?
June 23rd, La Presse, Is Prigozhin starting a coup?
June 24th, Le Devoir, How’s Prigozhin’s coup going?
June 25th, CBC The National, What happened to Prigozhin’s coup?
June 26th, Global Morning News, Vancouver, Prigozhin
June 26th, Zoomer Radio, Prigozhin
June 26th, CBC Radio (10 interviews), Prigozhin
June 27th, Radio Canada, Prigozhin
July 3rd, CBC Radio (10) interviews, Putin’s damage control
July 5th, Global News, will Russia blow up the nuclear power plant
July 12th, NEWSTALK Tonight, Iheart Radio, Prigozhin
August 23rd, La Presse, Prigozhin death
August 24th, CBC Andrew Chang, Prigozhin death
September 10th, La Presse, Slovak election
September 18th, La Presse, the counteroffensive
September 19th, Times of Higher Education, international students in Russia
September 20th, Zoomer Radio, Zelensky’s visit to Canada
September 21st, La Presse, Zelensky’s visit to Canada
September 24th, CBC News Network, Zelensky’s visit to Canada
September 27th, CBC News Network, Yaroslav Hunka scandal
September 28th, Radio Noon, CBC Montreal, Yaroslav Hunka scandal
October 10th, La Presse, Russia’s reaction to Hamas attack
October 17th, Global News, Russia’s role in MENA conflict
November 1st, CBC Radio, state of the counteroffensive (12 interviews)
November 4th, La Presse, La Fin de Guerre n'est pas pour demain
November 21st, Pacifica Network Radio, Ukraine 242 Program
November 30th, CBC Radio, What To Expect For The Winter (12 Interviews)
November 30th, La Presse, What Will Happen in 2024 (With Jean-Christophe Laurence)
December 12th, CJOB, Will US Aid to Ukraine End?
December 14th, CBC Radio, Putin's Press Conference (7 Interviews)
December 25th, CBC News, Navalny Has Been Found
December 27th, La Presse, What Is Going To Happen in 2024
December 27th, La Tercera Chile, What Will Happen in 2024
January 12, CBC radio syndication (11 interviews) ($571.80)
January 19, Toronto Star, Tonda MacCharles
January 21, Global News TV, Mike Le Couteur’s Global National, Will Canada provide military aid to Ukraine?
January 21, La Presse
January 23, CBC Radio, The Sunday Magazine, Will there be war?
January 25, 'Testigo Directo TV' online
January 26, Ryan Jespersen podcast
January 26, Global TV Morning News, British Columbia, Jennifer Palma
January 26, La Presse, Alice Girard Bosse, Relationship between Canada and Ukraine
January 27, CTV, Canada’s role in Russia/Ukraine crisis
January 27, Canadian Press in Ottawa, Lee Berthiaume, Canada sending weapons to Ukraine?
January 27, Zoomer Radio, Toronto, Libby Znaimer, Canada’s role in Russia/Ukraine crisis
January 28, Edmonton Journal
February 13, UAinFocus, Max Beznosyuk
February 22, CBC news Ainsley Mclellan
February 22, NYT Interpreter, Amanda Taub
February 22, Journal de Montreal, Dominique Scali
February 22, 680 CJOB Radio Winnipeg, Richard Cloutier
February 23, CBC Radio 1 Noon, Montreal
February 23, News Decoder, Why is Russia invading Ukraine?
February 23, Alice Girard-Bosse, La Presse, War has started
February 24, CityNews 570 Mike Farwell’s show, War has started
February 24, CityNews TV, Felisha Adam, War has started
February 24, CJAD 800 Radio, Elias Makos show, War has started
February 24, CBC Radio Calgary, War has started
February 24, CBC Radio, Kelowna, War has started
February 24, CBC News Montreal, Debra Arbec, Geopolitical implications of the invasion
February 25, National Post, War has started
February 25, CBC Radio 1 Noon, Montreal, Is this full-scale invasion?
February 25, LaPresse, Silvia Galipeau, How to talk to kids about the war
February 26, NYT, Amanda Taub, Could Russian oligarchs or society stop Putin?
February 27, 680 CJOB Radio Winnipeg, Richard Cloutier
February 27, CBC News, Zelensky’s rise from actor to president
February 27, CBC News Cross Country Check up
February 28, House of Commons Testimony
February 28, Le Devoir, Sebastien Tanguay, Difference between Putin and Zelensky image
March 1, La Presse, Gosselin, Janie, Who is Klitchko?
March 1, ITV News, Will Russian oligarchs or society stop the war?
March 3, TRT World interview
March 3, TSN, Rick Westhead
March 3, Dominique Scalli, Journal de Montreal, Portrait of Zelensky
March 3, Agnes Gruda, La Presse
March 3, Senate Testimony
March 5, Le Devoir, Sebastien Tanguay
March 5, USA Today
March 5, LaPresse on Klitchko
March 8, TSN, Rick Westhead
March 8, Yahoo Sports, Jeff Einsenberg
March 10,
March 13, Cross-Country Check Up
March 16, CBC Radio Noon
March 16, Fox News Fox Nation documentary on Zelensky
March 17, Le Devoir, Sebastien Tanguay, Relations between Russia and China
March 17, Journal de Montreal, Putin’s speech on internal enemies
March 17, Toronto Star, Steve McKinley, Putin’s speech on internal enemies
March 17, Global News, Putin’s speech on internal enemies
March 17, Ukrainathon, PONARS, Rule of law and anticorruption reforms in Ukraine
March 21, CJAD 800, Elias Makos
March 21, Ottawa Sun
March 21, 680 CJOB Winnipeg
March 23, New York Times, Amanda Taub
March 24, Univision Fact Checker, Was Yanukovych’s removal a coup?
March 28, La Presse, Agnes Gruda, Situation in Mariupol
March 29, Newsweek
March 29, 680 CJOB Winnipeg, Richard Cloutier, Is Russia really pulling out of Kyiv region?
March 30, CityNews 570, Larry Fedoruk, Is Russia really pulling out of Kyiv region?
March 31, World Canvas, U of Iowa Public Radio
April 1, 24 Heures, Quebecor, Gabriel Ouimet, Bucha
April 3, La Presse, Lila Dusseault, How is Russia’s invasion proceeding?
April 4, Canadian Association of University Teachers
April 5, Newsweek, Andrew Staton
April 5, McGill Alumni, webinar about the war, 330+ attendees
April 5, CBC News, Ginella Massa, Prosecuting war crimes committed by Russia
April 6, CBC Radio, Sabrina Merandola, Prosecuting war crimes committed by Russia
April 6, Emerging Europe, Milana Nikolova, Borissov arrest on corruption charges
April 8, University Affairs, Juliet O’Neil, Effect of the war on academic cooperation with Russia and Ukraine
April 10, LaPresse, Lila Dusseault, Russia’s advances in the war
April 11, Hill Times, Neil Moss, Prosecuting war crimes committed by Russia and Russia’s ostracization
April 11, ECSA-C
April 24, La Presse, Lila Dusseault, What to expect from the American visit to Kyiv?
April 26, 680 CJOB Radio Winnipeg, Possibility of an attack on Moldova
April 28, Times of Higher Education, Pola Lem, Russia’s pivot to Asia and China in R&D
April 29, Voice of America Russian Service, Lilia Anissimova, Russian patriotic education, Z campaign in schools
May 3, LaPresse, Lea Carrier, Teaching Russian studies after the war
May 5, Journal de Montreal, Dominique Scali, Sanctions against Alina Kabaeva
May 9, Sirius XM, Bombing of Ukrainian school in the East + Canada commits more military aid to Ukraine
May 9, 680 CJOB Radio Winnipeg, Putin’s speech for Victory Day
May 12, Financial Times, Neggeen Sadid, Can Zelensky control the media and become authoritarian?
May 12, CBC Radio 1 Syndication (7 interviews), How is the war progressing?
May 13, CJAD 800, Elias Makos, Finland and Sweden joining NATO?
May 13, Yahoo Sports, Jeff Einsenberg, Brittney Griner (US basketball player) may be exchanged for an arms dealer serving a sentence in the US
May 15, Global News, Finland and Sweden want to join NATO
May 17, Testigo Directo, Rodrigo Rodriguez, Colombia, How is the war going? Will Ukraine win?
May 18, Lexington Herald-Leader, Austin Horn, Are Ukraine and the US the bad guys in this war?
May 19, Le Devoir, Fabien Deglise, Will Ukrainian corruption be a problem for reconstruction?
May 19, La Presse, Louise Leduc, Q&A explainer on the whole war
May 23, La Presse, Alice Girard-Bosse, What is the meaning of Russia making the rouble a second currency in Kherson? Will the West stop supplying Ukraine with weapons?
May 24, CBC News, Canada Tonight, Sarah Galashan, What is the significance of the resignation of a Russian diplomat at the UN? 
May 30, Ghent University journalism students on whether Europeans support Ukraine’s EU accession
May 31, National Post and Montreal Gazette, Tom Blackwell, Should we blame ordinary Russians for the war in Ukraine?
June 3, Sirius XM, Matt Gurney, The Daily Edition, Canada Talks, How the war is going
June 3, 680 CJOB Radio Winnipeg, 100 days of war
June 3, CBC News, Hannah Thibodeau, 100 days of war
June 14, La Presse, Agnes Gruda, Wagner group
June 15, Times Higher Education, Pola Lem, introduction of Russian “upbringing” rectors at university
June 17, 24 Heures, Gabriel Ouimet, War Crimes Verdicts in DNR against foreign fighters
June 22, La Presse, Jean Christophe Laurence, Lithuania’s « blockade » on Kaliningrad
June 23, CBC News, Ginella Massa, Ukraine has been granted EU candidate status
June 27, LaPresse, Alice Bosse, Russian attack on Kremenchuk
June 30, LaPresse, Janie Gosselin, Brittney Griner
July 1, Radio Canada, Stella Dupuy, Brittney Griner
July 4, CJAD 800, Elias Makos Show, What is happening with the war in Ukraine
July 4, LaPresse, Janie Gosselin, Russia takes Luhansk, what does that mean?
July 8, SIxMinuteConversation Podcast, Why did we end up here? Convo w Kathryn Stoner
July 17, CTV News, Max Harrold, Should Canada have returned the turbine to Germany or not?
July 22, iNews, Claire Gilbody-Dickerson, Zelensky’s clear-out of top officials is a sign that keeping Ukraine united is still a work in progress
July 26, 680 CJOB Radio Winnipeg, How is the war going?
July 28, CBCNews, Geoff Nixon, What’s happening with the Brittney Griner/Paul Whelan swap
July 29, Gabriel Ouimet, 24Heures, Arms trafficking in Ukraine
July 31, Lila Dusseault, LaPresse, Russia will get new missiles, Zelensky is asking people to evacuate from Donbas
August 5, Melanie Marquis, LaPresse, The turbine issue. Should Canada and Germany have acted differently
August 8, Matt Gurney, SiriusXM, The Daily Edition, Is Russia mining the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant?
August 19, Jessica Genauer, Update from Kyiv podcast, Ukraine and EU
August 22, Kristeligt Dagblad (Denmark), Tobias Stern Johanssen, What do the next 6 months hold?
August 23, Allen Woods, Toronto Star, 6 months into the war
August 23, Mansur Mirovalev, Al Jazeera, 6 months into the war
August 24, CBC Radio syndication (5 interviews), 6 months of war
August 24, Global National, 6 months of war
August 25, McGill Alumni Webcast, 6 months of war
August 26, Sirius XM, Matt Gurney, Zaporizhzhia power plant crisis
August 31, Busan Morning Wave, Radio station, Busan, Korea, How’s the war going?
September 2, La Presse Janie Gosselin, the death of Ravil Maganov
September 10, CTV National News, Ukraine is making huge gains
September 13, CBC Radio syndication (13), Ukrainian counteroffensive
September 13, Sirius XM, Matt Gurney, Canada Talks, Ukrainian counteroffensive
September 13, La Presse, Andre Duchesne, Is Putin’s hold on power threatened?
September 14, 24 Heures, Gabriel Ouimet, Is Putin’s hold on power threatened?
September 20, 24 Heures, Gabriel Ouimet, Is Putin escalating the war?
September 21, The Canadian Press, Donna Spencer, Are CA hockey players in Ru at risk?
September 22, 680 CJOB Radio Winnipeg, Is Putin going to nuke the world?
September 29, Senate Committee on Foreign Relations and International Trade
October 3, CBC Radio (11 interviews)
October 4, Sirius XM, Matt Gurney, Ukraine is winning, will Putin nuke/fall?
October 11, Zoomer Radio, Libby Zneimer, What’s happening in the war?
October 19, Sirius XM, Matt Gurney, What is Putin’s long-term strategy in this war?
October 20, Geoff Nixon, CBC News, LGBT propaganda outlawed in Russia
October 26, Silicon Curtain podcast, Jonathan Fink
November 2, Dylan Robertson, The Canadian Press, Has Russia changed its tone towards Canada?
November 12, UT Texas Austin podcast
November 21, Film Screening, Club Ukrainien de Montreal, Freedom on Fire
November 22, Busan Morning Wave, South Korea, Ukrainian Advances
November 24, CBC News Network, Canada Tonight, Attacks on Ukrainian energy infrastructure
November 28, Dylan Robertson, The Canadian press, Why is the Russian embassy tweeting LGBT hate? Article published in Globe and Mail
November 30, CBC Radio run, Russian attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure (12 interviews)
December 2, Simon Belanger, U de Laval journalism student, Wagner group
December 8, Janie Gosselin, La Presse, Why is Ukraine using drones inside Ru territory?
December 9, Cathy Young, Bulwark, Dozhd incident and relationship between Ru opposition and Ukraine
December 15, Nick Mordowanec, Newsweek, Russia proposes a law to allow crimes in occupied territories
December 15, Marc Thibodeau, La Presse, Conflicts in 2023
December 15, TRT World, What war crimes is Russia committing in Ukraine?
December 16, Nick Mordowanec, Newsweek, Importance of Bakhmut
December 19, Ursula Ruedenberg, Pacifica Network (radio), Ukraine 242, Ukraine’s path to Europe (1hr interview)
December 20, CBC Radio syndication (12 interviews), Continued attacks on Ukr power grid
December 20, CBC/Radio Canada Saskatchewan, Canada’s decision to start seizing Abramovich’s assets
December 21, Nick Mordowanec, Newsweek, Zelensky’s visit to the US
December 21, CBC News, Zelensky’s visit
December 21, CNA, Singapore Public Broadcaster, Zelensky’s visit to the US
December 22, CBC News in Edmonton, Julia Wong, Russians applying for asylum in Canada
December 27, Bastian Diaz, La Tercera, Chile
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