The Roots of Russia's War on Ukraine
November 2nd, 2022 Those who ascribe to the Great Powers view of history, may interpret the Russia Ukraine war as a clash of political cultures, part of a wider geo-political game; they may go so far as to suggest that such a civilizational conflict was inevitable. But this interpretation ignores th...
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Prof. Popova Discusses Canada-Ukraine Relations with Dmytro Babachanakh from Democratic Initiatives
For Ukraine, Canada may be a far-away, little know place across the Atlantic, but it is also home to the most prominent Ukrainian diaspora abroad, which makes us more than just friends. We spoke with Maria Popova, Associate Professor at McGill University, about how the country reacted to the Russian...
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"Policy Exchange Discussion: Guaranteeing Ukraine's Long-Run Security"
June 9th, 2022 Drawing on PONARS Eurasia's worldwide network of experts, the Policy Exchange series offers interactive discussions that bring a diversity of informed views to tough questions. For this first Policy Exchange event, six experts discuss the following forward-looking question that is lik...
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"How Escalating Russia-Ukraine Crisis Could Impact Canada"
January 26th, 2022 Professor Popova joins Global News Morning to explain why Russia is poised to invade Ukraine, and how the conflict could impact Canada....
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Bulgaria's 3rd parliamentary elections for 2021
Bulgarians went to the polls three times in 2021 and the summary of the results goes something like this: 6-7 parties in each parliament 4 brand new parties (ITN, IBNI, We Continue the Change, Revival) 3 different election winners (GERB, ITN, We Continue the Change) 2 failed attempts at cabinet form...
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Prof Popova takes part in Bergen Exchanges round table on autocratic legalism
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Chair's article wins a prize
Our 2020 article with Daniel Beers, “No Revolution of Dignity for Ukraine’s Judges” received the American Association of Ukrainian Studies Article Prize, awarded for the best article-length work in the field of Ukrainian history, politics, language, literature and culture published in English...
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The 2021 Bulgarian election: A ‘QAnon turn’ for Eastern European politics?
I wrote a blogpost, with Prof Nikolay Marinov from University of Houston, for LSE’s EUROPP Blog on the April 2021 Bulgarian parliamentary elections. This was the most unexpected and interesting election in 20 years—read our analysis here....
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Eastern European governments tackling COVID
It’s been six months since the avalanche of Covid-spurred school closings, shelter-at-home, and lockdown orders. In March, no one would have predicted that Eastern European governments would be doing as well as they have at tackling the virus. But they have: A) All Eastern Europeans flattened the ...
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The criminal case against university student Yegor Zhukov
I recently gave an interview to the independent radio station Ekho Moskvy, on the recently concluded criminal case against university student, Yegor Zhukov. 21-year-old Zhukov attracted significant international attention with the closing statement he delivered at his trial on charges that he incite...
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